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Marketing Services Online

If in the previous article I discussed about online marketing management in General, in this article I will be focusing on marketing management services that will discuss about sense services, marketing strategy, marketing services and online services.

Terms Of Services

In this case, I cite the opinion of Philip Kotler (2000), which defines services as any action or activity that can be offered by one party to the other party, that is essentially intangible and does not result in ownership of any kind. Production can be associated or not associated with a physical product.

These opinions are supported by Christopher Lovelock & Lauren k. Wright (1999), argues for the "service is the action or performance offered a party to the other party. Though the process may be associated with physical product, its performance is essentially not real and usually does not produce ownership of production factors "

Based on the opinions of experts above, it can be concluded that the Services are intangible economic activities of a body with the goal of creating and delivering benefits to consumers at a particular time and place, as a result of the act embodying the changes desired within or on behalf of a recipient of services.
Service Marketing Strategy

Service marketing management is the overall planning and implementation of coordinated marketing activities, operations and human resources that are essential to the success of the company services.

When discussing the marketing strategy, then it merits that must be considered is the nature of the services which involves various aspects as well as other strategic elements. There are several variable services marketing strategy is very important in the success of integrated service marketing.

All the component elements of products, performance of services that create value for the consumer.
Time, place and time management implementation services
The process, based on planning measures that have been set.

Productivity and quality

Productivity efficiency is defined as the conversion of inputs into outputs services that add value for consumers. Quality can be measured by the level of consumer satisfaction on services provided.

Productivity and quality should be seen as two sides of the same coin. Improving productivity is very important to keep fixed costs under control. The quality of the services defined consumer, plays an important role for the differentiation of products and for the creation of customer loyalty.

Human resources, consumers often judge the quality of service they receive based on judgment against those who provide such services.
Promotion and Education, are all activities and communication tools that are designed to excite the build customer preference to certain services and service providers. These components play three important roles: to provide information and advice is needed, lure customers about advantages of a target product and encourage customers to take action at a time.
Physical evidence, are visual cues or other tangible evidence of the quality of services provided.
The price and the cost of other services, including spending money, time and effort by consumers to purchase and consume services.

Marketing Services Online

Along with the development of the era forward, shifting from conventional marketing methods towards online marketing system has taken place in recent years. Likewise with marketing strategies that service providers should follow developments in favor of business continuity services. Service marketing activities online has become an obligation for business service providers to market their products and services more broadly. Service marketing activities online can be a heavy burden if you go with the flow and slow are limited the ability of internet marketing.


Learn from the success of Jose Mourinho for Blogger

You are a football fan world? If Yes, You surely know Jose Mourinho. Portugal-born man has been the fruit of the lips in the world of football in the past decade due to his success brought clubs with which he became champion trainer in the domestic League and the Euroleague.
As a blogger, you can learn from the success of Mourinho to bring your blog to a higher level.

Note Successful Jose Mourinho

He started it by bringing FC Porto won the UEFA Cup in 2003. A year later the man whose full name José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix was successful making FC Porto won the UEFA Champions League.

Jose Mourinho moved to Chelsea, the Club belonged the King of oil Russia, Roman Abramovich, who hobbled his Premier League scene in the United Kingdom. He successfully brought the London blue team was won United Kingdom Premier League in 2005 and 2006 at once to break the dominance of Manchester United.

In 2008, Jose Mourinho citra League Serie A Italy train with Inter Milan. A year later, [the man who often accosted Mou] bring Inter won Serie A League. In 2010, Mou delivering success team nicknamed "I Nerazzurri (The black and Blue) that obtain treble (three titles in one season): champions of Serie A, Coppa Italy, and UEFA Champions League.

These achievements listed himself as the third trainer (after Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld) who won the Champions League trophy] with two different teams. Not only that, the man who was famous as "The Special One" is also defined as the coach of the year 2010 by FIFA.
In the same year, Jose Mourinho moved to Spain League (famous called La Liga) was the coach of Real Madrid. He holds the trophy Copa del Rey in his first season for directing team nicknamed "Los Galacticos.
Don't stop there, at this year's Inter presents two La Liga trophy for Real Madrid as well as undermining the dominance of Barcelona under Pep Guardiola with mega star Lionel Messi has majority of the League of Spain in the last three years.

He notes himself once again on the Board as record after fourth coach Tomislav Ivić, Ernst Happel and Giovanni Trapattoni, who is able to grab the League champion in four different countries.
Lessons from the success of Mourinho
As you read above, Jose Mourinho has a myriad of achievements worldwide. As bloggers, at least you can cite important lessons from success coach cool gamer.

These lessons from several José quotes would imply below:

1. believe in Yourself
"Don't call me a snob, I'm European champion and I think I am the special one."
If you want to become a successful blogger and earn more money from your blog, then you must believe in yourself. Do not say you're a beginner. Don't tell me you do not have the ability or talent. Please also point out you will not be successful.
All that is not important.
The important thing is you are confident with your ability. You are sure that you will succeed. You believe can overcome constraints faced by the easy blogging. You have no doubt in any blogging activity is done. You can change the life of a unanimous determination and even world

2. not afraid of competing
"There is no Fear in the my football dictionary"
A born champion of the competition. If you jumped into the world of blogging and are afraid to compete with bloggers-bloggers or blogger-blogger senior junior talent, then you will never be born as champion. You deserve a true loser is referred to as being lost before the fight.
Look into that competition from the positive side. Away you will know and understand much more tread the blogging learning curve.

3. hard work
"I was a coach, instead of Harry Potter. He was indeed a witch, but in real life there is no magic. It's magic, fiction and real football. "
Build a blog known person isn't as easy as turning the Palm. Earn thousands of dollars a month is not in one night. You have to work hard menggapainya. You must sweat (and tears marvelling even) get there.
Do not be lulled by the lure of getting tens of millions of dollars from the blog with rocking feet. Do not be tempted astray and soon reached success.
However, keep in mind there is no achievement without struggle. Remember there is no magic in the world of blogging. Remember there is no intelligent work before Your hard work. Remember that your hard work will bring results (sooner or later).

4. be consistent
"I'm Jose Mourinho and I had no change. I come up with all the quality and my shortcomings. "
As a blogger, you are a true writer. You should write consistent writing that is beneficial to read it. You must be consistent with not stealing other people's content. You must consistently uphold the ethics of blogging without dancing above the suffering of others.

5. Learning
"I learned the language Italy five hours a day in the months in order to communicate with the players, media, and fans."
A lot of things you have to learn in the world of blogging starting from content writing, SEO, and social media. Keep learning from little things big things up. By learning and applying them you will be experienced. The experience is rewarding teachers who won't you get in textbooks. However, you will get it from there.
Have and apply all five of the above from now on as well. Sooner or later you will become "The Special One" in the world of blogging. source: blogdolar


Blog Terms Before Applying For Google Adsense

In fact any business that you run on the internet have the same magnitude of income opportunities, just depends how clever you now see opportunities business online itself. Just as much as you are dabbling in adsense business focus, how big are you? If you just register and then approve it easy. However, to really feel the huge earnings from google adsense and routine that is not easy. A lot of things that you should know, one of these adsense optimization techniques strategy high level, the point here is if you have the money you can play it on Google Adwords in order to blog traffic with the aim of improving conversions per click ads from every time the visit.

To keep up with google adsense business you need to prepare well blog. Following this blog you have to prepare as a condition before you enrolled in the PPC google adsense blog, no doubt to that intended blog/site quickly accepted:

  1. Content blog has a language that supports adsense terms. For example English, at least 75%, porsinya be great if 100%.
  2. for business blog newborns or newly created couple of days should be registered immediately, wait a couple of weeks. Approximately 10 days. Usahan article contains at least ten more posts, more good stuff. The contents of the article do not gradually at the same time, so at least make 2 postings per day.
  3. at the time of sign up and wait for approve, please keep posting every day.
  4. wear a blogspot Blog platform we recommend against using the default template/default of blogspot. Later adsense brokerage suspect that her blog purposely created specifically to only display ads from google adsense. Diluaran many koq website/web-web provides free templates with various themes and exciting to taste as well as the needs of our blog theme.
  5. If you want to quickly approve use their own domain name and hosting his using, must live on thanks Adsensenya
  6. on the Title/title of the blog and blog content, content with keyword that smelled of money or selling, for example has a value of: make money online, adsense tips, online business, affiliate marketing, seo marketing, Gadgets, etc. Jgn use keyword "online business", because it is not sold for the global market.


Luminate: Gogle Adsense Alternative to Wallpaper Blog

Luminate is a publisher program ads program similar to google adsense, only luminate oriented blog picture. Luminate the formerly Pixazza is actually almost identical to Image Space Media, however, presents a more ad luminate modern and attractive.

Based on the results, it turns out the google blog walking also infuse capital US $ 0.61 million at luminate. See great potential for the future, google this small company entrusted with other financiers such as Maynard Webb (former Chief Operating Office eBay) and Gideon Yu (Chief Financial Office Facebook) to invest in it.

Luminate itself is basically a similar advertising services AdSense image-based, however. The way it works is: the image (or the image) on the site that took part in the program will be given some sort of link Luminate. Later, if the site visitor to hover the image will pop up a link contains an online shop that sells similar items. For example in the photo with an image of spectacles, will emerge the links contains an online shop that sells a pair of glasses.

Current advertisements already developed into many Luminate things, such as architecture, electronics, sports equipment up. So that its application is not limited. This explains why Google was investing at Luminate.


How to Make Money with Monetize a Blog Wallpaper

If you ever visit a blog that the drawing of a new ad? Maybe it is rarely thought about by bloggers generally beginners, because of the concentration on adsense and affiliate marketing programs. Place an ad illustrated is an alternative to display ads in addition to monetize with ads on how to put the blog elements. It also is a great alternative to make money with blog, which generally is wallpaper blog

Ads in this picture don't spend a bit of space on your blog, because the ads will appear above the image. In addition it makes an impression the picture on your blog become more interactive with advertising bargains available.

The paragraph above merely cover up the larger goal and real. Our goal is actually increase revenues for our blog. Of course the way interactive like this are expected to be invited more visits in ad

Why you should use an image as a media advertising? of course for those of you who've been following other programs such as google adsense, they clearly don't want other ads similar to google adsense ads placed within the same page. In addition, too many ads on a large space that keeps visitors get confused looking at our blog.

There are 2 ads provider on this image and you can sign up as a publisher or advertiser to monetize blog wallpaper, among them are:
In the beginning this blog I include in, however I am a little bit disappointed because it is not clear whether my blog has been received or not. Already many months yet desired ad also shows his form. Only ads that perform luminate and I guess it will not be paid the same as the others. I have also not been told the cause, it may just be my blog visitor do not meet their desires.
Finally I decided to move to imagespacemedia. Here I instantly get clarity about the status of my blog. I apply 2 blogs one accepted and rejected the other. The blog received (this blog) iklanny has emerged.


Running A Home Business Success Keys

Running a business from home, often serve as the first step to start a community effort. Minimize capital by utilizing existing potential at home, and do not want to neglect the Affairs of the family to be the greatest motivation of the community, until finally they choose a home business that is run as a business.

It may be true when you run a home business, could hit the expenses and do not need to leave your job for the family. However, to be able to run a successful home-based business is found not seinstan think a lot of people. It takes a mature business planning as well as determination and strong convictions, in order for a home business that is able to survive in the midst of running tight business competition.

Most people fail to run a home-based business, because they didn't prepare for the mental capital and well before starting his business. They are just thinking of ways to benefit quickly and easily, without having to deal with obstacles to prepare as well as possible business risks arise in the middle of the journey. It's what makes most of the perpetrators of a home business, failing to take its business to success.
Home Business Success Keys
That you do not include the people who fail to develop a home business, here we inform about any keys to successful home business that you can run.

Start with confidence
The main capital is needed to achieve a home business success is determination and confidence in starting Your business. Lack of confidence, can motivate you to beat the fear of business failure. Confidence will also make you more focused working you want to wake up.

Start with a passion
Your first step towards success is what it was intended to be Your passion. So is running a home business, choose a business opportunity that you really love. With a business suit Your interests and talents, so indirectly you will work on all business activities with a total of. From the start, business planning, business operational activities until all business development plan worked out with due diligence. If you do not enjoy the business you are running, it could be ascertained that business won't last long and far from a success.

Select your dream become your business objectives
As with most of his life, running a home-based business also requires you to define your business objectives. Even though your business dijalankankan at home, but you have to have planning for short term and long term dreams to achieve. In doing so you will be running the business with full zeal and enthusiasm to achieve the targets you have set.

Diligent, discipline, and perseverance
"The raft upstream Berakit, swimming-swimming ketepian" the term has told You that to achieve the happiness of the hard work required in advance. Similarly, in starting a home business, to achieve the success we are required to work hard and diligently, running a business discipline in carrying out business operations, as well as unyielding in the face of all the obstacles and constraints of the effort.

Increase Your knowledge and skills
To deal with competition growing business, we recommend that you increase Your knowledge and skills to support business growth. Not only knowledge and skills in managing business course is needed, but also see market opportunities, skills and knowledge to create new innovations in order to win the market competition.

Build your business brand
Even if you run a business at home, but that does not mean your business can not run in a professional. Begin to build a good business brand in the eyes of the consumer. So, with your branding could attract consumers know that You run a home business. So they don't hesitate to be more loyal to the products You market.
The key to success home business actually is in your hands (the perpetrators attempt), therefore make sure yourself to get started with intent and determination. And make sure Your home-based business is managed in a professional, so that the results obtained could also be maximum. Hopefully the information business tips for this weekend could be beneficial for Your business and potential perpetrators of businessmen.


Henry Ford, The Businessman Who Dare Pay Expensive Employee

Henry Ford is an American entrepreneur and founder of billionaires, the Ford Motor Company which is still akssis as the world's leading car manufacturer with a FORD trademark. He is credited in the industrial revolution in America and the most prolific inventor with patents in the United States ownership of 161. As the owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and most famous people in the world. Not that alone, his personality is very famous and very unpretentious, generous reward for labour.
American entrepreneur
Henry Ford
Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. Immigrant parents living in Ireland farm area, Dearborn Michigan. Henry Ford to be the eldest son of six children. Ford began his career as a technician Detroit Dry Dock Co. in 1879. In 1882 working with Westinghouse steam engine company. In 1893 he invented the first gasoline Quadricycle (four wheeled bicycle). With some investors he improved the design of the Detroit Automobile Company.

But the company went bankrupt shortly thereafter. Ford later founded the Henry Ford Company which eventually changed its name to the Ford Motor Company in 1903. First production Ford model T car is in 1908 and success in the market. Henry Ford went on to revolutionize the design and manufacture of car assembly plant, introduced in bulk quantities and at an affordable price for consumers across the United States. Then the car is a luxury item and can only be owned by rich people, but Ford Motor Company successfully marketed the car is relatively inexpensive and is produced in large quantities.

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